3 Mega Projects to Transfer Turkey to 3 Top Glob Economies

In attempt to make Turkey one of the world's top 10 economies, the construction and development process continues in the homeland of history and civilization. Hereafter, Istanbul International Airport ,we demonstrates  in some depth   top ten mega-projects among many future projects in Turkey.


Istanbul International Airport

In June 2014, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan laid the cornerstone for the world's largest airport in a move to support Turkish trends in development, raise investment rates, improve tourism and boost Turkey's economy. The construction of Istanbul's new airport is Turkey's strategic vision for the year 2023. The airport - the first phase of which was opened in late October 2018 - is located in the European section of the city of Istanbul in “Arnaout Koy” area near the Black Sea, within the territory of forests owned by the Turkish state, on an area of ​​7659 hectares.

As a result of its expansion on a huge area, the airport will have 6 landing and takeoff runways, as many as 165 bridges to accommodate passengers and a railway to connect all terminals.

It will also include a preview of 500 aircraft at the same time. The head of the Turkish Airlines, Elkar Ayeji, calls it the "Big New Nest." It will include three electronic and technical surveillance towers, eight control towers, and parking accommodating 70 thousand cars.

Istanbul's third airport is likely to become the biggest airport in Europe and the world, with expectations that it will give the Turkish economy a chance to achieve a qualitative leap. The airport's share of the country's GDP is expected to reach 4.9% by 2025, which will contribute an additional $ 79 billion to the country's GDP and provide more than 100,000 jobs a year after its opening in late October 2018, 225 thousand jobs by 2025.

The airport will cost about $ 10.6 billion and will be implemented in cooperation between the public and private sectors. The airport is expected to generate revenues of approximately $ 23 billion in 25 years. Once completed, the airport will become a "hub" in the world, where aircraft will land before completing its journey anywhere in the world. The airport is expected to contribute to Turkey's economic development, support global trade and become the hub of the world's trade movement.

Environmental Impacts

Many people have questioned the fact that the project threatens the environment as a result of its establishment in a forest area which considered the lung of Istanbul. However, the Executive Director of the airport, Yousuf Oglu, stressed that the project was established according to the criteria and standards based on environmental extreme care, and pointed out that the Director of Environment is the first to be appointed in the airport.

The airport has a bird-watching radar, the first in the world to contain such radar, employs six bird specialists to minimize the potential impact of birds on air traffic, and to manage air traffic with the highest degree of efficiency.

When completed, the airport will undoubtedly, play an important role in achieving Turkey's economic goals of reaching the top 10 economies in the world by 2023.

The Three-Level Istanbul Grand Tunnel

It is a project designed to facilitate traffic in Istanbul. It aims to link the Asian part of the city with European, and to relieve pressure on the three bridges linking the two sides of the city. The connection will be carried out through a tunnel running under the Bosporus.

The project is a single cylinder comprising three levels of lanes, two of which are for vehicles, the other for trains and metro, with a length of 6.5 km, and the total cost of the project is 35 billion dollars. The Turkish government is seeking to complete the 31-km project, consisting of 14 positions, over a period of five years. The distance time between Ingerli area and the Sogutlokshmeh area in Istanbul will be reduced to 40 minutes.

Underwater drilling is ongoing  for the "Engineering and Tunnel Project of Istanbul". The first phase will be completed by the end of this year and construction work will begin immediately.

The tunnel project, which will bring together the Marmarai and Eurasia tunnels, will bring greater convenience and ease to the people who have experienced the ease of the railway system with Marmara and are happy to move under the seabed through the Eurasia Tunnel for a period of no more than five minutes between the two continents. As a result of the technical work carried out in the direction of people's demands.

It is clear that the railway system, which will reach the bottom ground of Ingresheri and pass under the sea from Mestico and Zeniclcio, will be connected to the metro line Kedikwe-Kartal and Marmaray from Sogutlokshmeh. The tunnel, which will also pass underground from Hasdal on the European side, will be connected to the tunnel in the same way. It will exit from Jamelik connected to the TEM on the Anatolian side. Some 6.5 million people are expected to use the tunnel, either by car, or through the railway line which  will be crossed by the metro train.

Istanbul Channel

First of All, " Project’s Challenges"

Turkey continues its historic projects, including the artificial waterway at the sea level, and the Istanbul Canal, which will be parallel to the Bosporus and the Black Sea will reach the Marmara Sea. This is a strategic project, and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: that one of those who do not understand the Istanbul Canal project does not understand Istanbul or Turkey. Similarly, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim recently stressed: that the Istanbul Canal project is indeed a "strategic project" rather than an "entertainment project".

In fact, the project is strategic, because it will not only provide relief to the navigation traffic in the Bosporus Strait but also provides safe passage for ships. In 2011, Erdogan presented the project as a "Crazy Project," which was included in the country's goals of 2023. The Istanbul Canal project will be the largest project in the city, Erdogan said in April 2018. In the same speech announced that the construction of the mega project will begin in the period his new post-election mandate.

Referring to the project as a "Global Brand" in many of his speeches, Erdogan referred to the incident in April when a Bosporus strait ship crashed and crashed into a historic palace in Istanbul, causing extensive damage. "If we do not want to see other disasters in tankers in the Bosporus, I remind you once again why the Istanbul Canal should be built," Erdogan said earlier.

Turkish Transport and Transport Minister Ahmed Arslan earlier announced that Istanbul is one of the country's largest projects after the third airport project, but Istanbul will be the largest in term ofvalue. Arslan also said: the government expects to generate revenues of about $ 8 billion a year from Istanbul.


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